Common questions and answers

Cash express is a money transfer service for sending and receiving money in different countries around the world.
These are terms used to describe the person you are sending money to.
Cash Express offers variety of services:
- Cash Payouts
- Bank Transfers
- Card Transfers
- Mobile Wallet Transfers
- Door to Door
- Utility Payments
The limit and charges per transaction differs from country to country. For any query and to get more information regarding the limits and charges you can contact us on +971 4 377 2819
Yes, we are responsible for your money. The security standards of Cash Express are very high and that is one of the reasons we are mostly preferred by the customers.
You just need to provide his or her correct name as spelled in the ID provided and mobile number.
You need to provide the following details:
- Beneficiary Name (As per the bank records)
- Account Number or IBAN
- Bank Branch details (where the account has been created).
He or she should visit any of the Cash Express agent locations; provide the 9 digit transaction reference number along with the valid ID and claim the money.
Yes, an SMS will be sent to the sender once your money has been paid out or credited.
Wherever you can find CASH EXPRESS signs, the money can be claimed in these locations. For precise details on location please refer to FIND A LOCATION
You need to provide the correct 9 digit reference number to your beneficiary. This reference number needs to be submitted to our agent to claim the money. Also you need to make sure that the name of the beneficiary that has been provided in the transaction is matching with the ID.
Contact us on +971 4 377 2819 or send us an email to [email protected]
Cash Express offers all its services at great exchange rates and within minutes.