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1. Worldwide Cash Express agent locations:

  • Banks
  • Exchange houses
  • Post Offices
  • Retail Outlet
  • Pawnshops


       Send money

  • Visit any worldwide Cash Express send agent location
  • Complete the send form and hand it over to the counter agent along with the money you want to send.
  • Always make sure that the beneficiary’s name and details are spelt correctly.
  • Inform the receiver that the money has been sent and provide the CE 9 digits pin noted on the transaction receipt


 Receive money

  • Visit the receiving agent location
  • Remember to bring your reference number and personal identification
  • Complete the receiver form at the location and hand over to the counter agent



2. What is the maximum amount which can be received through Worldwide Cash Express?

  • Send amount will vary depending on the applicable regulations in the destination country
  • Find out more on the nearest Cash Express agent payout center

3. How much do you charge for money transfer and how to know the exchange rates?

  • The charges will differ from country to country.
  • Check with our RATE CALCULATOR or visit our nearest Cash Express agent location


4. From which countries can I send money?

  • Worldwide Cash Express operates in 41 countries
  • Check on the nearest worldwide Cash Express agent location using our locator tool